Blog #1

Hey, I’m Sidney! Settling into Propel was a little nerve-racking in the very beginning, but that soon changed after I got to know everyone with time and through a few fun activities. Here at Propel, a lot of our work focuses on the 6 C’s of education for the 21st century: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character, and citizenship—as well as our special 7th C: career. On the second day of school, we were able to apply all of these attributes into a social project when we bussed to Osborne Village and split into two teams to try to escape locked rooms. I actually managed to learn a lot about teamwork and the people in my group to my surprise, and the activity was a great introduction into what we were going to be doing for the next 5 months, which is working hard to follow our passions and grow from that. We each get to work on one huge project for the end of the semester based upon whatever passions we have, but I’m not really sure what I’m going to be doing yet. I’ve managed to cut it down to only two options, though: either making a short little cartoon because I’d really love to get into that line of work, or creating a short video game. Not gonna lie, I’m really excited to see what everyone else creates and can’t wait to start working on my project. :^)