Blog #7

Last week I finally finished making the rest of the character sprites. It was a little exhausting, but I’m glad it’s over with. I can finally move onto the creation of the actual game! I didn’t really like the tile set and the things RPG Maker came with, so I found an online pack full of classic looking tiles. Here’s an example of one of the smaller maps I worked on:


I decided to call the game Fallacy. I chose that name because it means “false belief” and I feel that works really well for the subject of personality disorders because there are many stereotypes and “false beliefs” people hold towards PD’s, and people with PD’s often have irrational and false beliefs, themselves. Also it sounds cool.

Yeah that’s about it, really. I’m going to Chicago for six days so I won’t be able to work on my game a whole lot this week.

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